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Get your lawn ready for the freeze!

Winter can be a hard time for your lawn but don’t worry, here you’ll get all the information you need to keep your #lawn as beautiful as spring!

You should know why you shouldn’t even think about touching your lawn in a #winter morning. The thin layer of water that usually covers the grass gets #frozen with the temperature and if you try to work in it, you will break its heart, well no, it’s not that dramatic, your lawn doesn’t have a beaten heart like I hope you do, but let me tell you, nothing good will come out of that.

When a lawn is frosted, the grass blades are literally frozen. Any activity on the lawn while it is frosty, like walking on it or mowing it, will "break" the grass blade and damage the lawn. It will recover eventually, but it may not fully bounce back until the following spring.

But hey, we got you covered!

1. Aerate at least once per year.

In order to keep your lawn healthy, you need to give it some air! And no, it’s not that it needs a break from you or anything, aeration means that you need to perforate the soil with small holes to allow air, water and other nutrients to penetrate better in it. Now, the best time to start aerating your lawn it’s in a growing season, if you start doing that it will glow!

2. Seed your lawn

As weird as it could sound, the best time to seed your lawn is fall, fall's cooler temperatures prevent the seeds from drying out, but there’s still enough sun and rain to help the seed germinate before going into hibernation for the winter, without the competition of crabgrass and other weeds that die off this time of year. That’s why this is the best time to do it, if you want a glowing lawn in spring.

3. Fertilize before the first frost.

Do you remember that animals eat tons of food before hibernate? Well, your lawn need nutrients before going to “sleep” too, all you have to do is apply fertilizer after the mow of the season will feed your lawn throughout its winter, now you have to be careful with what time of fertilizer you buy, the best ones for this occasions are sustained-release or slow-release nitrogen fertilizer that also contains granules of phosphorous, potassium, and the other macro-nutrients it requires, this will slowly feed your grass, like feeding it by small rations through winter.

4. Don’t stop mowing.

Mowing is one of the most important things to keep your lawn healthy, and it is not an option stop doing it at winter, this will give an infinite source of food, which your lawn will need.

5. Sustain growth by watering.

Everybody knows that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day, at least if you want to feel and look awesome. The thing is that the same thing your lawn needs, but don’t take this advice literally, your don’t have to through eight glasses of water to your lawn, but you do need to do it in rations during the day, now, obviously not too early in the morning because it will froze and break, as we already discuss, but it won’t hurt to give it some hydration before lunch and before sunset.

6. Weed control.

Keeping the bad influences away is very important if you want to be happy #doubleadvise so, pull those weeds out! Or they will prevent your lawn to be as beautiful as you want it and don’t just cut them, that’s only a temporary solution, take some special gloves and do it the old-fashioned way.

So, in conclusion, if you follow this tips to prepare your lawn for a rough season, it will be stronger and beautiful each time, we hope this wasn’t a total waste of time and that you’ll put this on practice, that’s all for today, have a nice day!

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